The World of Bikron

This is the world of Bikron, the continent of Diskora is where our tale is told. Little known about the rest of the world, except that the continent of Kino exists and is filled with strange demonic, brutish, savage races, and that Ogghath is filled with Darskhand Orcs.

Alliance – The Dusk
Alliance of Dwarves and Elves that spans nearly 5000 years and half a continent. Run by Queen Glingaereth of the elves and Queen Rowena Darkhammer of the Dwarves. Their previously solid alliance is now on shaky grounds.

Alliance – The Dawn
Empress Opella is young, but has forged an alliance that has seen those south of the Desert of Draneth come together, willingly or not. Humans and halflings were mostly large independent tribes, villages and towns until Opella arrived: a few still maintain their independence of The Dawn however.

Place – Falsam
Falsam is a hot place, except for when the wind comes from the north, off the cold mountains. Falsam is over 3000 years old. The buildings are wood affairs, and doors are usually left open, but with strip hangers to let in the breeze. The streets are paved with large light coloured rocks, uneven. A small prison is on the edge of the town.

Person – Lindrin
A well built muscly elf, Lindrin is the head screw and manager of Falsam Prison. He has a mean right hook and believes in corporal punishment. He makes life hell for his prisoners, and is more than happy to see each one of them ground into the dirt like the worms they are.

Person – Kaeden
Although he stutters a lot, and a guard within Falsam Prison, Kaeden is respected by many of the prisoners as a fair person who wants to see them do their time and then leave – to never come back. Kaeden is mainly responsible for the Class One Prisoners and he does what he can to see them treated fairly, and keep them under control.

Person – Kyethia
A young woman who works within Falsam Prison, she hides a war inducing secret. Smart, of a keen mind and in search of someone in need. Kyethia is on a mission from her sister back on Kino.

Person – Demi
Demi is the scatter brained, overly enthusistic leader of the Witches Society. She is a Wild Magic Sorceress with many things on her mind. Although contray to her flighty manner, when she focuses on her magic, she has power over the elements themselves. 

This section will be updated as we travel through the story.