The World of Bikron

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This is the world of Bikron, the continent of Diskora is where our main tale is told. Little is known about the rest of the world, except that the continent of Kino exists and is filled with strange demonic, brutish, savage races, and that Ogghath is filled with Darskhand Orcs.

Alliance – The Dusk
Alliance of Dwarves and Elves that spans nearly 5000 years and half a continent. Run by Queen Glingaereth of the elves and Queen Rowena Darkhammer of the Dwarves. Their previously solid alliance is now on shaky grounds.

Alliance – The Dawn
Empress Opella is young, but has forged an alliance that has seen those south of the Desert of Draneth come together, willingly or not. Humans and halflings were mostly large independent tribes, villages and towns until Opella arrived: a few still maintain their independence of The Dawn however.

Alliance – The Kino Initiative
Ruling over the chaos that could be the entire continent, is the Kino Initiative, lead by a tiefling named Barakus and his close council. From local councils to task forces, the Kino Initiative is struggling to maintain peace as the rebellious Assembly seek to strike down the leadership.

Alliance – The Assembly
The Assembly used to be a well known underground series of cults that ran Kino. their influence was everywhere, and they were heavily into religion, using it to guide the masses to do their bidding. However, within the last decade, the Assemblies’ various cults began to turn upon the system of government orchestrating deaths of beloved leaders, raising taxes and teaching unhallowed things.

Place – Falsam
Falsam is a hot place, except for when the wind comes from the north, off the cold mountains. Falsam is over 3000 years old. The buildings are wood affairs, and doors are usually left open, but with strip hangers to let in the breeze. The streets are paved with large light coloured rocks, uneven. A small prison is on the edge of the town.

Place – Vanlas
Vanlas is the capital of the Dawn and Opella’s home. Vanlas is a large town, comprised of wooden log cabin homes, and large stone temples and cathedrals. A river runs from the mountains all the way down the the coastal cities. The Temple is dedicated to Triad.  A school house and a local prison has been setup. this is also the main headquarters of The Lodge.

Place – Chatvok
A little town, where there are lots of tiny waterways that lead to the sea. The town is propped up on stilts. There is no wall here, unlike other towns as the water does a good job of keeping the town safe from both demons and celestials. there is currently a passing portal within the temple (a top a hill) dedicated to Savras.

Place – Dalry
A small town within the Dusk, with a smithy, inn and little else. It was here that Zaltanna and the Tyr’s Irregular’s had a run in with the doubles ones, and where the search for the Shield Relic started.

Place – Cuzak
A little town that borders the desert on the east side of Diskora, it is neither under the rule of the Dusk nor the Dawn. A town that thrives as a basis for the black market, there are three rules to live by, or to die by.

Place – Tel’Nath
A small vollage at the base of Dusk’s Plateau, right on the border of the old elven-dwarven divide. Predominantly inhabited by dwarves, it is home to the Killer Kitten Inn and Carson’s Magical Curio shop. A little way outside of this is the entrance to the Fourfold’s main headquarters.

Place – Shilvana
A large city by the sea, with high stone towers and ancient, albeit converted, temples. It is rumored that the Treaty was signed here before those damned elves and dwarves were sent back the Ogghath Isles.  Shilvana prides itself on always looking forward to the future: if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere

Person – Lindrin
A well built muscly elf, Lindrin is the head screw and manager of Falsam Prison. He has a mean right hook and believes in corporal punishment. He makes life hell for his prisoners, and is more than happy to see each one of them ground into the dirt like the worms they are.

Person – Kaeden
Kaeden is a good man trying to save the world from the incoming apocalypse for the only family he has, his daughter Tayless. Kaeden is now responsible for the surviving class One prisoners and has been magically bonded to them, allowing short range telepathy and an innate sense of where his charges are.

Person – Tayless
The optimistic friendly child of Kaeden, who is a little bit of a mischief. All she wants in life is to be a hero like her dad, be good at magic and be a good investigator. She loves her new aunties and uncles, but doesn’t know why her Daddy doesn’t want her to spend a lot of time with them.

Person – Kyethia
A young woman who works within Falsam Prison, she hides a war inducing secret. Kyethia is an astute researcher and a halfway decent alchemist. Coming from a royal-ish family back on Kino, it was in fact her departed sister that sent her on a mission to find and help Balance.

Person – Demi
Demi is the scatter brained, overly enthusistic leader of the Witches Society. She is a Wild Magic Sorceress with many things on her mind. Although contrary to her flighty manner, when she focuses on her magic, she has power over the elements themselves. 

Person – Dammaz
The half orc brother of Demi, and leader of The Lodge. He is practically minded, and tries to see the potential in everyone, including those society would deem hopeless. He is generally quite forgiving and a known follower of Torm. Dedicated to The Lodge, his god and his clan. He seems to be able to temper his uncontrollable sister.

Person – Squash
Squash is a member of The Lodge, but loyal to Dammaz whom he met when Dammaz first arrived in Diskorra. Squash comes from Empty Shallows and like the residents there, is a hafling who suffers from were-ratism. Squash is a thief, a liar and an addict, but he knows where ancient and powerful artifacts are.

Person – Sen’Sa
A young elf who is training to be a ranger. He guided our criminals to their first relic, but has since fought of a horde of dopplegangers and escaped towards Falsam with his mentor, stroppy horse Clack and new cook companions.

Person – Daechin
A half elf, with a little facial hair, who will sometimes pass as elf. He was initially poised to take over the Witches Society, but choose to leave, leaving Demi to take over. He has been involved in one too many things to be mere coincidence.

Person – Adnolov
A goblin lady, big green eyes, with rib bones in her waist length blue hair and a series of large earrings and holes with stretchers in it. Her home is within an abandoned mine, which breaks into the Earth Dark, and is located just outside of Shilvana in the mine. Adnolov is the Taskforces’ handler.

Sentience – Marnak
Although within Balance’s essence for 50+ years, we know little of Marnak, other than the gods tore his soul into pieces, to be put back together again to avert a future apocalypse – over 5000 years ago when the last great war happened. He once had a family whose souls have been obliterated with Soulfire.

Other – The Spectre
In the Stalking Plane, where spirits go before making their way to Bellum or Ciscero, Rhal has attracted the attention of a Spectre. This Spectre friend helps Rhal, and his companions, upon their quest to save the world, and maintains the balance of life, and death.

Sentient Sword – Calinmourn the Truly Great, Greatsword
Calinmourn used to be a powerful human warrior who loved nothing more than showering in the blood of his enemies. Obsessed with a prophecy that foretold him to be upon another plane fighting an existence ending threat, he was thwarted when a Valkyrie drew his soul into her sword. now he lusts for vengeance, and to fulfill his destiny. Carried by Zaltanna, and a complete dick.



This section will be updated as we travel through the story.