Rhal’Jakk Tesarran (Neil)

Name: Rhal’Jakk Tesarran Age: 22 Race/Class: Dragonborn Monk
Prison ID: 1106 Length of Sentence: 60 years
Time incarcerated: 1 Year
Physical Description:Male Black Dragonborn. Lower jaw is red. Flesh red from the acid. No draconic face whiskers. Tail.
Prison Garb:
Flat Sandals. Long dark grey trousers, no belt, single button. Light brown shirt, high collar, short sleeves.
Lives in Falsam in a small, reasonably sized apartment with his mate Aema.

Name: Neil
Home: Somewhere, America
History: Neil began tabletop gaming in the not so distant past. After traveling the country getting involved with various music projects, some friends who noticed that Neil was a big ol nerd sat him down at a tabletop and handed him dice. Since then, the joy of storytelling and thrill of chance kept him rolling those nat ones. After getting far too deep into podcasts, the ability to enhance storytelling with musical scoring made Neil aspire to be a podcast content creator and be a part of the fantastic tabletop podcast community.
Roles: Editor and Musician