Press Release – 2019 January 9th

The Reckless Play Guild
– TLD forms The Reckless Play Guild alongside friends Dark Dice, The End of Time & Other Bothers and Dumbgeons & Dragons

Do you like talking about roleplaying? Do you like Actual play Podcasts? Do you like hanging out with the creators? SO DO WE!

We are proud and honored to announce the formation of “The Reckless Play Guild” which consists of ourselves, our long time friends “Dark Dice”, and the incredible podcasts “Dumbgeons and Dragons”, and “The End of All things and Other Bothers”. It is a Facebook supergroup that will invite listeners from all four communities to mix, hang out and connect.

There is going to be semi-regular competitions, episode announcements and a live monthly AMA with as many of the DM’s as can attend. And on top of that, I’m going to be interviewing a cast or crewmember from one of the podcasts every two weeks!

Check it out here –