Press Release – 2019 January 31st

The Release of the Patreon Funded Campaign to the Main Feed!
Pack a bag folks, we’re going to Kino.

In the world of Bikron, there are two major continents that are common knowledge, Diskora and Kino. For the citizens’ of one continent to visit the other, an ancient treaty would be broken and war would break out. So far, we only know of Diskora, where our former criminals are struggling to stop the apocalypse.
Set on the other continent of Kino, we meet the three members of the Kino Initiative’s Taskforce Ten: Ivoris the Yuan Ti Paladin, Arawn the Tiefling Artificer and Greff the Barbarian. These units take on the various tasks that the Government require of them, from investigating the rebellious Assembly, to apprehending vicious criminals.

Thanks to our Patreons, we have been able to create an additional campaign that takes place at the same time as our main campaign does. This second campaign is released at the end of the month (two month’s early for select Patreon tiers) and is usually 2-3 hours in length. Join us on this second journey through this world to learn more about our lawmen, about the apocalypse, and see an alternative take on the world as we have previously experienced it.

Released to Patreon’s two months early, with release onto the main feed January 31st 2019.