Press Release – 2019 April 3rd

Patreon Stretch Goals Fund New Map and Audio Dramas Within A Week!
– Stretch Goals, what stretch goals?

Towards the end of March, The Lucky Die sat down and had a long discussion about TLD. We wanted to create more content for our community (and ourselves) because we love this world of Bikron and the stories it has to tell. We heard our Patrons when they said they wanted more, more, MORE! – we do too! So how could we do this? Well, we decided to expand our Patreon with new stretch goals.

And that was exactly what we did on March 24th:

We decided we really wanted to share what our world looked like in map form, and for that we would need a little help from our community to get a map commissioned. We also discussed an idea that kept cropping up; backstories for the NPCS. This would need to be done in the form of Scripted Audio Dramas since Volonda could hardly run a game for herself as DM and also be the player. 

What does that actually mean though? The creation of new stretch goals that include help getting a map commissioned and funding the production of the backstories for Bougrim, Kyethia, Kaeden, Tayless and Demi. 

We released these 6 new stretch goals as well as a higher level tier on March 24th. Now April has arrived, our community of listeners managed to met 3 of these new goals, which funds not only our map, but scripted audio drama’s for Bougrim and Kyethia as well.

This level of support has just blown us away. Our Patrons and our community are just incredible and we would like to thank each and every one of them.

Also, we have to learn how to make an Audio Drama now. #Blessed #Pumped #Scared

If you would like to help us get to the next stretch goal, then consider joining us and becoming a Patron today!