Family & Friends

A shout out page to our friends and family within our community. We love these guys, and we think you’ll love them too!

Fool and Scholar Productions!
Audio Dramas, Actual Plays and comics!

Kaitlin and Travis are the two person team behind this amazing production team. From the cold horror of the White Vault to the industrial feeling Liberty universe right across to the frankly very dark, Dark Dice, they do it all. They’re fantastic people that we love and adore. 

Taking Initiative
Module Based Actual Play

WE LOVE THESE GUYS THEY’RE OUR BIG BROTHERS IN PODCASTING!!! Love them. Go listen. Many of us guest on their side games, and they’re the stars of our silliest side story “Horsing Around” Currently they’re finishing off Curse of Strahd.


Nerds on A Roll
Actual Play Podcast

If you like comics, super heroes, nerdiness and amazing roll playing, these are the folks you want to tune into. Starting off playing MASKS as teenage super heroes juggling with being teens and being heroes, join them on their adventure.

Prism Pals
Actual Play Homebrew
These folks were in our community long before Prism Pals aired and Sam did our amazing Emoji’s on our T-shirts and in our Discord. They are a family-friendly actual play D&D 5e podcast, featuring four LGBTQ+ individuals telling a homebrewed story about family, love, and friendship.


Fantasy Audio Drama

Our good friend Kessi has created this amazing fantasy drama with amazing soundscapes and featuring many familiar voices. Kessi is amazing, is a huge fan, great artist/writer, all round incredible woman and we want to adopt her. Really want to adopt her. Get in at the beginning!


Dumbgeons & Dragons
Actual Play Homebrew
A group of crazy, fun loving nerds, who play in a very cool world where they are not 100% sticklers for the rules, much like ourselves… well, except maybe Russ.
And also like us, they’re weekly!