Eyþór – Greff

Name: Eyþór
Somewhere, Iceland.

Eyþór is a native-born Icelander from the island Vestmannaeyjar, just off the south coast of Iceland. After moving to the capital for higher education, he quickly discovered his love for podcasts. Very shortly Eyþór began exploring voice acting and it was through one of these projects that he met Volonda. Eyþór got into roleplaying through his older brother, who made up a roleplaying system just for his younger sibling!
Contact: Twitter

Special Guest: Although Eyþór is the voice of Greff in our Kino campaign, he started on TLD as a our first guest character. Eyþór’s Squash came in early, and has since returned to play him again. He was the voice of Murger in the April Fool’s one shot.


Name: Greff Peacebleeder Age: 25 Race/Class: Goliath Barbarian
Length of Service: 2 years.

Physical Description: He has pale skin, more gray then white, and a clean shaven head. His nose seems flattened and his eyes sunken, but a determined glint in his brown eyes erases any notion of broken man. His head is decorated with various tribal markings. He is short by Goliath standards (but would be tall for a human)
Clothing: Greff wears tattered clothes, worn from months of traveling, mostly hide and animal furs. once high quality, now it is covered in splits and breaks. Whatever piece of metal it had are now rusted or broken, its harnesses split and snapped. The one piece of his armor that looks newer or more maintained are two metal pauldrons on his shoulders, specially crafted to aid in dual wielding larger weapons. He wields two longswords, one in much better state then the other, it being magical.
Home: It is assumed that Greff comes from the northern mountain ranges along with the other Goliaths, but he spent a good portion of time in Ogghath with the orcs.