Casting Call – 2019 July 29th

Bougrim’s Backstory Needs Your Help!
– Come help a friend in need.

Our beloved Patrons have funded us to produce a series of audio dramas set within the world of Bikron, focusing on important NPCs and their backstories. 

We have been working hard behind the scenes, checking information in the world archives, learning how to write a script, checking with Neil about viability – but now we’re ready.

The Lucky Die is proud to announce that we need YOUR help to produce our first ever scripted audio drama! We’re looking for fresh voices to bring our new characters to life in a story all about our favorite dwarven best friend and his hunt for his own mysterious treasure.

Instructions for submission and the audition pieces can be downloaded here:
Bougrim’s Backstory Auditions
The deadline for auditions is August 25th 

New to voice acting, just want to be involved in The Lucky Die or an old hand at providing voices? Everyone is encouraged to apply: we all started somewhere, and we all want to continue honing our craft. Most importantly, if you audition – thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! and have fun!

For those unfamiliar with The Lucky Die, it is a D&D actual play podcast set in a magical fantasy style world and the story is set around three convicted criminals who are trying to prevent the apocalypse in which their gods are getting murdered. The game play is edited with all music composed in house, and many in world character’s dialogue replaced with voice actors.

We’re excited to hear from you! Good luck!