Casey – Zaltanna

Name: Casey
Home: Somewhere, America

History: Casey is a mysterious person with a mysterious past…ok, so they’re an advertising professional from New York, but who’s to say they haven’t got some sort of fascinating backstory no one knows? In their spare time, they read horror novels, watch bad movies for kicks, and plays a lot of tabletop. They also appears in another Actual Play Podcast called Rememorex!

Role: Advertising Liaison
Contact: Twitter


Name: Zaltanna ‘The Hook’/’Lord of the Doors’ Thunderheart Age: 120 Race/Class: Dwarf Paladin
Prison ID: 1007 Length of Sentence: 90 years
Time Incarcerated: 3 years

Physical Description:
4’6″, tanned like she is out in the sun a lot, light brown hair halfway down her back worn over her shoulder in a loose fishtail braid, hazel eyes, mouth usually drawn into a scowl. she’s muscular. Tattoo right bicep. Snake with dice eyes, double 1s kept hidden.
Prison Garb:
Anti magic anklet. Flat Sandals. Long dark grey trousers, no belt, single button. Light brown shirt, high collar, long sleeves. Holy symbol, plus wedding ring, upon a necklace.
Post Prison Garb:
Wears chainmail over a long-sleeved white tunic, brown breeches and brown boots. She wears a chain with her holy symbol and her thick bronze wedding ring upon it.
Darkhammer Stronghold, then Temple of the Triad, then travelling the world with Tyr’s Irregulars.