Balance (Arch)

Name: Balance (Lafian) Age: 150 Race/Class: Elf Mystic
Prison ID: 134 Length of Sentence: Life
Time incarcerated: 50 years
Physical Description:
Tall for a High elf standing at 6′ 2″. He’s skinny but well toned. Gaunt and sunken face. Pale skin and short cut silver hair. On his forehead is a faded black tattoo of thorn covered vines.
Prison Garb:
Anti magic anklet. Flat Sandals. Long dark grey trousers, no belt, single button. Light brown shirt, high collar, short sleeves.
When growing up, he called his father’s estates home. They were on the edge of the Belegbauhd lake. He frequented the Elven Court upon the Belegbauhd island, where the seat of Elven power is.

Name: Arch
Home: Somewhere, America.
History: Arch first stepped into the realm of Tabletop gaming when his Dad bought him the 3.5e starter set for D&D. Since then, he has been an avid player, all encompassing DM, and an enthusiastic podcaster. He currently DMs for The World of Kaelstos on the Bloodthirsty Puppets’ Twitch channel every Saturday night at 9:30pm EDT.
                                                             Roles: Social Media Manager and Public Relations